Overcome Your Language Barrier

Start learning any language today!

Start learning any language today!

How It Works

How it works

Learn to Speak with Confidence and Clarity

We aspire for you to achieve your goals and dreams through mastery of a foreign language. Our unique and innovative approach has been shown to help language learners reach fluency up to 50% faster than traditional methods.

What Learners Are Saying

Alexey Voronin

Thanks to your method I’ve managed to overcome my personal barrier and to reach significant success at my work!

Aleksandra Kirpicheva

With the OCTB method, you learn when you speak and have fun at the same time!

Maxim Popov

This method allows me to take lessons at a flexible time and in a flexible place, which is quite important to me.

Fun and Effective

Learning a new language takes dedication and a commitment to consistent study, but we believe it can be both fun and effective at the same time. The OCTB approach allows your teacher to highly personalize your lessons, taking into account your interests, needs, and goals.

Our Teachers

Carmen Wirtz

English, Spanish

I believe that languages are key in today's world.

Lisa Payne


I like teaching because I love helping other people grow and reach their potential.

Margie Canon


I love learning from my students. Having fun while having class makes learning worthwhile.

Start Speaking from Your First Lesson

From your first lesson, you will learn the language that you study as it is used in real life! While you will receive all the guidance you need from your teacher, your using the language as much as possible during your lesson is at the front and center of our approach.

Quickly Eradicate Mistakes

During each lesson, you will receive detailed, real-time feedback on your grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Your teacher captures every word you say in our highly advanced IT platform, which is then used to generate learning exercises which you will complete after class. No other language learning program on the market is able to offer the level of depth and detail in feedback that we do.

Study Anywhere

We recreate a rich, face-to-face experience via an internet based video conferencing platform. You can join your lesson from home, from the office, or even on the go with our mobile-friendly learner dashboard.