Corporate Language Training

Start language training in your company today!

Start language training in your company today!

How It Works

How it works

Drive Critical Capability Improvement

In today’s world where teams need to collaborate across borders to get the job done, effective communication is both vital and difficult to realize. Miscommunication as a result of language skill deficiencies results in low quality output, delayed timelines, and higher risk. We are here to improve the communication skills of your workforce quickly and on your terms.

Our Clients

Benefit From Our Finely Tuned Approach

We know that your employees’ time is precious. This is why we adapt a laser-like focus for each and every one of our corporate clients. When we kick off the relationship, we take extra time to understand your business objectives, how your trainees are expected to help achieve these objectives through a second language, and what environmental factors need to be considered when structuring a program. We then develop a custom curriculum that will get your trainees to the necessary level as quickly as possible.


What Learners Say

Alexey Voronin

Thanks to your method I’ve managed to overcome my personal barrier and to reach significant success at my work!

Aleksandra Kirpicheva

With the OCTB method, you learn when you speak and have fun at the same time!

Maxim Popov

This method allows me to take lessons at a flexible time and in a flexible place, which is quite important to me.

Track Your ROI In Real Time

Our informative and user friendly corporate analytics platform is your window onto which of your trainees are making progress, and which are not. Not only are you able to track their participation, you are also able to see their improvement, as measured by our speech error algorithm. Unlike other training providers where you may need to wait months before seeing any tangle indication of process, with OCTB you can see the amount of movement after each lesson. With our system, the data provides 100% transparency - there is nowhere for your trainees to hide!


Our Teachers

Nicole Canull


I like teaching because I love helping other people grow and reach their potential.

Andrei Azbukin

English, Russian

I love teaching as it gives me the opportunity to share my acquired knowledge with new people.

Olga Levakhina

Spanish, German

Teaching can be difficult, but OCTB allows me to provide top-notch lessons.

Save On Cost And Admin Overhead

Effective language training taught on site in your workplace can be expensive and labor intensive to administer. By utilizing our virtual platform, we can deliver one-on-one and small group lessons at less than half of the cost of typical face-to-face training. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about managing schedules nor handling room and A/V logistics. The OCTB approach is highly cost efficient while eliminating the admin burden associated with traditional approaches.


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